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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feeling better - a little

I dragged myself to the doctor on Thursday this past week as I was progressively getting worse. Turns out I have full blown pneumonia this time, and its been horrible. I had been having chills and aches and pains like mad. The doc was not happy. Anyways, he's put me on antibiotics, but I've been so low on energy its been crazy. And the coughing .. omg .. horrible horrible horrible. I've been on the antibiotics for a few days now and starting to feel a little more human, but the coughing is still there and my throat gets really nasty at times. I hope it all clears up real soon. Anyways, just wanted to let everyone who reads my blog know whats up with me. Hubby is still coughing so I don't know if the antibiotics are helping that much, my daughter still coughing and my son gets really bad at night to .. I just want it all to go away!!!

Have a good one!!


Serina xoxox

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