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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What I've been upto!!

I know I know .. butter doesn't kick my butt hard enough to get me updating my blog blame her lmao! I've been nursing 3 sick people at home for the past week. Hubby came down with a cough and it got so bad but he refused to go to the doc (MEN!! grr!). Eventually he caved and went Monday, turns out he has bronchitis so he's on antibiotics. Sierra has been coughing and sick for the past two weeks and the last two times I took her to the doc he said he wasn't giving her anything, but this time I took her he realized it wasn't going away so he's put her on antibiotics to .. what a difference she's a lot better thankfully. Sean came down with a nasty double eye infection on Monday and screamed for 2 hours straight as his eyes were burning real bad, I felt helpless, but by Tuesday thanks to the drops the doc had prescribed the last time he'd put some gunk in his eye from whacking a tree branch its much better now. All would be well except now he's got a raspy voice and is coughing .. and guess what!! I'm coughing again to so I will be dragging my butt back to the doc by the end of this week most likely!!

So that's what I've been upto! I have 4 tutorials written up and want to get 'em posted later tonight if I have any energy, if not they will go up tomorrow. I apologize to the ladies who's CT teams I belong to, it just seems sickness is following me around like the plague lately.

Right I gotta get off here for a bit, I've written a book here, sorry for the long winded post .. have a great evening!


Serina xoxox

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Danielle said...

No problem hun, don't worry about it. I just thought Yahoo had ate more of my mail! haha But you take your time and I hope everyone gets well soon. Feel better hun! ;)