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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My past tutorials ..

I've written a few tutorials in my time and had them spread out, some were on the Net on my website and others were exclusive to the forum I co-owned with Lou, Butter and Simone. Since the forum closed, I have now moved the exclusives to a blog and you can find them here at Stylin' Serina Tuts. The others are still on my website and will slowly be moved over to the blog as well, but for now you can find them on Stylish Dreams.

x-o-x Serina x-o-x

hahahahaa .. Funeral for a kit hahaha ..

I'm sitting here LMAO!! My two closest and dearest friends are the biggest goofs I know but I do love them dearly. So they created this fabulous collab that you just have to go check out on their blogs .. but before I send you off in that direction .. I have to tell you what happened .. so we three are chatting away and all of a sudden my dear friend Lou says she'll murdered my dear friend Butter's kit :O and links us to her blog so we can take a peek. Now there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her layout its fabulous, but it turned into a huge joke that she'd killed Butters kit with her layout LMAO! So dear butter being who she is, decided to have a little funeral pmsl .. so now head on over to her blog HERE and have a peek at her announcement, pay your respects to her kit and then head on over to Lou's tutorial blog HERE to see the layout being referred to. After you've had a good chuckle head on over to her main blog HERE and grab her bit of the collab. Hope you get a good chuckle out of it, I know we three were rolling in laughter. Now don't forget to snag their fabulous collab pieces and leave them loads of love. O and also leave Lou some extra love and wish her a happy birthday whilst your there.

x-o-x - Serina x -o-x

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Tag using Joanne's My Valentine PTU Kit

Ahh my dear friend Joanne has her fabulous store up and running now, and I got to play with this lovely Valentine kit of hers .. I have to say it has soo many different ways it can be used .. this is what I did with it ..

Now you can pick up this gorgeous kit at her store called My Scrappy Life HERE. Right now she is donating half the proceeds of any kit she sells to the Red Cross to help the people in Haiti. So go check it out, and know that she's also doing a good thing by helping those in need.


x o x - Serina - x o x

Monday, December 28, 2009

New years templates ..

So I opened psp earlier this afternoon to see if I remember where the tools are and what they do .. and I managed to wrangle these up .. I hope someone can use them .. if you do download please leave a thank you, and if you don't mind sharing what you made I would love to see it so please email me :)

Download HERE
Download HERE


x0 - Hugs - xo

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gorgeous Blog Award ..

Aww thanks Simone .. this was a lovely surprise to find an award waiting for me .. think most have given up sending me awards because I don't do much on my blog .. and rightly so lmao .. I have no one to blame but myself there .. I gotta find a niche so I can share more eh! Thanks again hun :)

The rules are:

Put the name and link of the person who gave you this award
and pass it on to 5 blogs which you think are AWESOME!!!
I pass it on to:

Sox of Soxational Scraps
Sunf of Urban Fairy Tales
Stitchy over at Stitchy Angel Creationz
Joanne at My Scrappy Life
Sue at Designs By Sue

New tag .. using Soxie's kit ..

A dear friend of mine Soxie over at Soxational Scraps had a new kit out called Crazy Christmas and asked me if I'd like to have a play so I thought why not, don't have anything to loose .. and its a cute kit .. maybe my mojo will flow .. so here's what I came up with ..

Its a freebie for now, and you can get it HERE at her new store The Goodie Loft. Thanks for the cute kit hun!!

xo - Hugs -xo

Compliments of the season ..

Wow its been a while since I did anything here .. I have to admit I've been going through some major online "don't wanna be here in forums and blogs" blars and been spending a little bit of time in facebook but not as much .. guess I don't know what I really want to do, maybe cutting back on online time might be an idea I should toy with for a bit and then I'll miss it enough and come back with lots of gusto to want to do more stuff. Anyways .. I have also been sick on and off and caught my third cold/cough in 6 weeks right over the christmas holiday and couldn't really speak on christmas day .. so all this getting sick is not helping my mood any. Okay, enough rambling, my sincerest compliments of the season to all of you and your families. I hope you all got to enjoy some family time and that santa was good to you. I have a few more posts to make so I will just end this one here and wish you all the best for 2010.

xo - Hugs -xo