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Friday, August 1, 2008

Good morning T.G.I.F. :)

Yayy its Friday and its a long weekend here!! We have been invited for a bbq to the neighbours house on Saturday that should be fun! The rest of the weekend is still up in the air for now *giggles* Anyways, we'll take it as it comes so thats fine!

So my dear friend Butter has written a couple of fabby tuts go check 'em out! Curiosity Killed the Cat is her latest one and she wrote another one prior called Voodoo Pins which rocks!! She used a kit made by the fabby Simone called Voodoo Dolls which you can download from her blog HERE her kits just kick ass big time!! Make sure you leave her some love when you download stuff from her site!! My other wonderful friend Lou has got up a few new tuts as well!! Framed Beautys and her latest one being Hottie Alert so be sure to check her out to.

Another dear friend Sunf has two gorgeous tuts up called Justa Boy and Talk to the Animals, beautiful color combinations and well put together tags .. her tuts just rock as well!!

Well enuff ramblings for now .. have a great weekend everyone and be good!



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