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Thursday, July 31, 2008

OO something new!

Firstly I will say thank you to Yvette for the link to Shel's Scraps which she posted on her blog. Wow, and then a big thank you to Shel's Scraps for her little tut on how to put up this fabby background she has made. Go over and visit her blog, you'll be blown away by all her fabulous backgrounds she has created for blogs.

Other than that nothing really new to post. I'm soo ready for back to school my two brats are driving me banana's!! Then again I'm not ready to rush into Fall so I will just grin and bear my brats driving me batty and hope that I'm still sane by the time they do start school again pmsl!

Oo yes I been watching So you think you can dance .. be interesting to see who gets left in for the finale next week .. off to watch tv for a bit now .... have a great nite!

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