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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TCP Valentines Collaboration

Butter, Lou, Simone and myself came together to pull a valentine's collab kit outta our hats for everyone to enjoy .. wow .. it was a first for me and Butter but we did it pmsl!! Thanks Lou and Simone for the encouragement and to Butter for having the patience with me when I whined and whimpered when trying to do my bits lmao!! Gawd these ladies have the patience of saints when it comes to getting me to try new things pmsl .. love ya ladies loads!!

So without further ado .. please visit our Collab blog HERE for all the downloads and previews. This is a preview of my contribution, you can download it over there on the blog.Hope you enjoy all the bits and bobs as much as we all enjoyed putting them together for you :)

Hugs xoxox

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