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Thursday, February 18, 2010

hahahahaa .. Funeral for a kit hahaha ..

I'm sitting here LMAO!! My two closest and dearest friends are the biggest goofs I know but I do love them dearly. So they created this fabulous collab that you just have to go check out on their blogs .. but before I send you off in that direction .. I have to tell you what happened .. so we three are chatting away and all of a sudden my dear friend Lou says she'll murdered my dear friend Butter's kit :O and links us to her blog so we can take a peek. Now there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her layout its fabulous, but it turned into a huge joke that she'd killed Butters kit with her layout LMAO! So dear butter being who she is, decided to have a little funeral pmsl .. so now head on over to her blog HERE and have a peek at her announcement, pay your respects to her kit and then head on over to Lou's tutorial blog HERE to see the layout being referred to. After you've had a good chuckle head on over to her main blog HERE and grab her bit of the collab. Hope you get a good chuckle out of it, I know we three were rolling in laughter. Now don't forget to snag their fabulous collab pieces and leave them loads of love. O and also leave Lou some extra love and wish her a happy birthday whilst your there.

x-o-x - Serina x -o-x

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