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Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Mentor, My Friends Award

This award was given to me by a very special lady Gypsy.  She's a true gem, one of a kind lady with a very sweet spirit.  Thank you sweetie, this is a great honour for me and I'm completely stunned and flattered to have been one of the first receipients of this award.

Gypsy's words to describe this award were:

Yes, it's Latin. The language of wisdom, and of love. It means My Mentor, My Friend. I've created this award to honour a handful of very special people who spend a great deal of their time making the tagging and scrapping worlds better for others. They give selflessly of their time to teach, hand-hold, write tutorials and create beautiful things for others to use for free. They are very bright lights in all of our lives, and their touch reaches further than they'll ever know."

When she told me I had an award on my blog I never expected to see this one lmao, I was sitting here speechless for a bit.  All I can say is I try .. I'm always willing to help others if they have any questions on psp and if I know the answers.  And I am very grateful to Gypsy for this award, it has touched me greatly, in more ways than you will ever know hun.

The rules of this award are simple: the recipients must be true mentors, and true friends. Please do not give this award to every blog you know of, this is only for those who have gone above and beyond to help others. You must pass it on to at least one person who has been a guiding light for you.

I'm going to pass this on to the following ladies:

Yes, thats right, for being such a generous, kind soul who always brightens up everyone's day with her kind words and fun attitude.  Thank you for being such a wonderful person.

What can I say hun!  You've been a true friend through and through, and I know I can count on you anytime, to vodoo pin my ass if I need it, to be there for me when I have psp questions, to yell at me when my mojo has gone missing and give me the kick in the right direction to get it going again.

Ahhh another true friend to the core .. don't know what I'd do without you hun, you call it like it is and don't mince words, if you have an issue with anything you deal with it head on, I admire that about you .. and am proud to call you a true friend

hehehee .. a fellow canuck .. and a fabulous friend.  A generous person who gives herself so willingly to the psp community, in more ways than one.  Sharing her talent for us to all enjoy with the gorgeous scrapkits she creates.  Thanks for being a good friend hun.

Another good friend who I've known for a long time now .. very sweet and kind and caring person, a true friend and very talented artist.


A lady of many talents, and a true dedicated friend always willing to help others out in the world of psp.  You're a wonderful lady, stay that way always hun!!

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