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Monday, December 1, 2008


LMAO omg I'm killing myself laughing as I post these. Why you ask? Well my dearest sweetest friends Butter and Lou decided to take it upon themselves to stalk me and get everyone in The Padded Cell to sign a petition for me to get these masks that I created posted pmsl! I have never made a mask in my life, and I honestly don't really think these are that great but after all their hard work in trying to get me to get 'em up, I can't let 'em down and not do it lmao!!!!!!!!!! So without further ado .. here's a preview of them, and the download link is right below it. I would honestly love to hear everyone's comments so if you do download please leave me a comment in this post or in my cbox .. let me know your honest thoughts on if you like 'em or not :)

Here's what they look like:

pmsl .. there ya go ladies .. now you can stop the petition hehehee .. love ya ladies hehee!!

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deeniem56 said...

Well I think ya did pretty darned good for your first masks!! I couldn't even follow the tut first time I tried to make one LOL I especially like the first one :) Thank you for finally posting them! lol