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Monday, October 13, 2008

Questionnaire lmao!

Okay so my dear friend butter passed on this questionnaire so here goes nothing pmsl!

(1) How long have you been using PSP, PS?

I haven't really used PS as I get confused as soon as I open it lmao. PSP I have been using for several years now I started back in the time when PSP7 was being phased out and PSP 8 was being introduced.

(2) How did you get into making tags, scrap kits?

I'm not sure how exactly I ended up in a psp group think I was discovering msn at that time, I ended up in a lovely group that is still to this date up and running. I saw people taking dolls and adding their names to them, and thought hey I can learn this, so I started to play, then I discovered tutorials and plugins and .. well .. you know how the story goes from there hehe

(3) Who`s your fave artist?

OMG!! Are you serious! Elias has to be my all time fav. Then there's Ismael Rac, Keith Garvey, Pinuptoons, Woolcotts, umm .. wow the list is endless .. Jennifer Janesko, Joel Adams, Martin Abel, Caron Vinson, Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, Myka Jelina .. Cuddley Rigor Mortis .. think I best stop here I could go on and on and on ....

(4) Who`s your favourite Scrap Designer?

Nitwits, Danielle Corbitt, Kay Miller, Cinnamon Scraps, Bel Vidotti, Simone over at Scrappybitoffun, Irene Alexeeva, Swheatcreations, and many many many others!!

(5) Which three blogs do you visit everyday?
Butterlyflutterby Creations, DMK Designs, and Misfitsscrapz.

I'm Passing On The Questionnaire to LisaE at Arty-pharty, Melisa over at Melisas Scraps, and Tiggs over at Tiggsvision.

Phew that wasn't so bad lmao!!

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